Do you need to do this course?

All BAST students will need to complete and pass (60%) the Keyboard and Scales Evaluation Test before week 10 in order to receive the Certificate Of Attendance.

If you are confident you have the required knowledge then please go ahead and take the Evaluation Test.


  • Keyboard note names and octave numbers
  • Intervals- Semitones (Half Steps) and Tones (Whole Steps)
  • The major scale
  • Degree names
  • Derivatives of the major scale from 1 to 7 note scales
  • Arpeggios and chords (definition)
  • Chromatic Scale
  • Ascending and descending scales
  • Articulations

If you are not sure if you have the required keyboard and scales knowledge then your options are to

  1. Take the test, if you pass then that’s it. If you don’t pass then do the course
  2. Go ahead and do the course first before doing the Evaluation Test

Regardless of your level of keyboard and scales knowledge, it is advisable to look at Lesson 5 The Long Scale. This is not a standard musical scale so will need learning for the BAST course.