Line Hilton

Line Hilton

Line Hilton, Vocal, Performance and Resilience Coach

Country: UK
City: London
Specialty Areas: BAST Trainer, Vocal Pedagogy, Performing Arts Medicine, Vocal health, Jazz, Publisher (iSing Magazine), Higher Education, RN

Bio: Line is the founder and creator of the BAST Be A Singing Teacher course. She has a tendency to create things that she wishes she had when she first started out, whether that was her singing career or getting into teaching. She is a perpetual student subscribing to Aristotle’s age old adage: “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”

Back in 2011 Line was approached by a few graduating singers from the Academy Of Contemporary Music (ACM) where she was the head of the vocal department. These students had realised that having a degree was not a guarantee of work and decided they would like to know how to be a private singing teacher. Horrified at the thought that new graduates, with limited performing and singing experience, were intending to go out and teach Line was initially reluctant to fulfil their request to helping them achieve this. But after some thought Line realised that they were going to do it anyway, so better to equip them with some sound teaching practices and an understanding of voice and vocal training. Also who knew, after understanding what was entailed they may get put off teaching so soon. Line quickly designed a 5 hour course curriculum and her first singing teacher course got underway. By week two Line realised that five hours was not going to be enough and the first course was extended by another hour. News quickly spread, and in the first year Line delivered the course another four times. By the fourth version the course was 10 hours and then in 2014 it evolved into a twenty hour course delivered over ten weeks, with four licensed trainers in three countries delivering the course onsite and virtually.

Line is a trained registered nurse, has a BMus Ed degree from the prestigious Western Australian Conservatorium of Music (WAAPA) and MSc in Performing Arts Medicine from University College London (UCL) – think Sports Medicine for performers! She regularly delivers singing, performance confidence and vocal health workshops, courses and talks for singing and music industry organisations and events.

She is the current Performing Arts Medicine Advisor for Vocology in Practice (ViP), a professional singing teacher organisation that she was instrumental in helping to form. ViP members teach to a high standard, basing their teaching on a safe, healthy and scientifically proven technique that gives singers the freedom of their full range through all it’s registers. She has served as a board member (2013), the Education Director (2014), a mentor (2013-15).

In oder to stay current with voice science, performing arts medicine, vocal pedagogy and the music industry Line attends conferences, symposiums such as PAVA, PAMA and NAMA, as well as workshops, courses and events related to teacher training and the music business.

In her private practice, Line is passionate about facilitating the singer in fulfilling their potential, both technically and creatively. She draws on her diverse pool of training, qualifications, experiences and skills to help those who require it, whether as performers or teachers. She sees signed artists, working singers, semi pro singers and voice users, helping them to better understand and cope with the vocal and mental demands of the job, how to care for their voice and body in order to maintain the high standard health required to perform and sing at optimal levels. Line has had a great deal of success with a functional approach to vocal technique that helps singers overcome vocal issues such as poor pitch control, lack of strength, limited vocal stamina, register transition difficulties and limited range. With her deep understanding of the vocal mechanism she is able to help a singer gain ease of control over their voice without losing their vocal identity