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1. Three education videos for your viewing pleasure. Warning, there may be some vocal nerdery. If you aren’t that way inclined you may just find you start getting a tingle of nerdery if you hang around us long enough!

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Video 1 How To Give A Student Centered Lesson with Line Hilton


BAST Trainer, Line Hilton, takes a look at student centered learning. She places it on the learning theories timeline and explains what it is, why it is an effective way to teach, special considerations and how to give a student centered lesson.

Website: linehilton.com

Video 2 The Ageing Voice with Lisa Haupert


BAST Trainer Lisa explains:

– how the tissues that make up the larynx change with age
– whether or not that process can be slowed down
– how to train the ageing voice safely while continuing to build and maintain efficiency, endurance, and coordination
– signs and symptoms of problems in the ageing voice
– how other body systems can effect the ageing voice
– beneficial treatments and habits for the ageing voice

Website: shamelesssinging.com

Video 3 Vocology with Dr Ingo Titze


Renowned voice scientist Dr Titze will discuss how science and the practice of voice habilitation can help the singing teacher.

Website: ncvs.org

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