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1. Three education videos for your viewing pleasure. Warning, there may be some vocal nerdery. If you aren’t that way inclined you may just find you start getting a tingle of nerdery if you hang around us long enough!

2. PLUS one more surprise gift. A 10% discount for educational videos including bundles, packages or live events from the BAST Store. You can also use it to purchase the online self-paced Foundation Fundamental Course. Use BASTFREEMEMB10

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We are here to help you with your singing teaching anyway we can. This includes helping you with your education, support, mentorship, business acumen or a community of like-minded folk.

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Video 1 How To Give A Student Centered Lesson with Line Hilton

BAST Founder and Trainer, Line Hilton, takes a look at student centered learning. She places it on the learning theories timeline and explains what it is, why it is an effective way to teach, special considerations and how to give a student centered lesson.

Website: linehilton.com

Video 2 The Artist Development Approach To Teaching Singers with Kaya Herstad-Carney

In this webinar BAST trainer Kaya Herstad-Carney explains why it’s important to understand the needs of a singer who is developing as an artist. She discusses how the singing teacher can help nurture creativity in their students and gives you some exercises to help a sing find their own unique and stylistic sound. Kaya also takes you through the Style Menu, a tool she developed to help singers explore their voice in the pop style. DOWNLOAD

Website: https://kayamusic.co

Video 3 Vocology with Dr Ingo Titze

Renowned voice scientist Dr Titze will discuss how science and the practice of voice habilitation can help the singing teacher.

Website: ncvs.org

Want more?

Go to the BAST website Store page for more educational videos. You can buy them individually or in packs. Don’t forget to use your Discount Coupon code!

If you do any of the BAST Training courses (Foundation or Level 5) all the educational videos and much more will be available to you free as part of each course. (NB trial period vary with each course)