Approved Mentors

BAST Mentor Programme

As a BAST member you have access to some amazing mentors to help you to continue building your knowledge, pedagogy, business and expertise. As with anything good it takes time, planning and repetition to make changes and grow. The BAST Mentor Programme is here to help you do this.

Mentor package

  • mentor of your choice
  • 6x 1 hour sessions pa
  • Fee TBC

Mentors are available for the following purposes:

1. Advice
2. Guidance
3. Knowledge
4. Goal setting
5. Network building
6. Feedback

Suggested uses of a mentor session:

  1. To gain expert and experienced advice, guidance, support and networking to help you in your teaching career, practices or business
  2. To trouble shoot teaching issues. Here you might get the mentor to teach whilst you observe, or play a recording of your student’s issues for advice
  3. To help you gain expertise/specialist knowledge
  4. To get feedback on your teaching. Here you would teach a student for feedback and advice, or send a recording of you teaching for feedback
  5. To help you set goals for your teaching, career or business.
  6. Using the mentor as a sounding board

Please note that mentors cannot make your teaching or business successful. They can not tell you how to run your business financially or strategically, nor are they counsellors or advocates. Their role is to offer guidance and support, help you clarify your weaknesses and strengths, refer you to suitable resources and other experts, share their knowledge and advise around their area of expertise and experience.

If you wish to book a mentor programme package please email us with your preferred mentor name, your location, what you would like to achieve from working with a mentor.

List of BAST Approved mentors

Dr David Harris

Country: USA
City: Los Angeles
Specialty Areas: Choral conductor, Composer, Baritone, Vocology,

Laurel Irene

Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Specialty Areas: Vocal pedagogy, voice science (formants and harmonic), band leader, keyboard, arranger, producer

Ian Davidson

Country: UK
City: Liverpool
Specialty Areas: BAST Trainer,Higher Education, Choirs, Harmony arranging, Teaching pitch challenged people to sing

Ryan Luchuck

Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Specialty Areas: Vocal pedagogy, voice science (formants and harmonic), band leader, keyboard, arranger, producer

Joshua Alamu

Country: Uk & Malta
City: London
Specialty Areas: Vocal style and technique, Performance Coaching, Artist Development, Vocal Riffing and Improv

Mindy Pack

Country: USA
City: Salt Lake City
Specialty Areas: Musical theatre, event organising, vocology, app developer, business building

Kaya Hersted Carney

Country: UK
City: London/Guildford
Specialty Areas: BAST Trainer, songwriting, motivation, networking, vocal arranging and artist development, musical director, Higher Education.

Gareth Henderson

Country: Australia
City: Perth
Specialty Areas: BAST Trainer, Sound Engineer, Recording

Lisa Haupert

Country: USA
City: Nashville
Speciality Areas: BAST Trainer, Vocal Health and General Health, Intensive Coaching for Creatives, Registered Nurse

Line Hilton

Country: UK
City: London/Guildford
Specialty Areas: BAST Trainer, Vocal Pedagogy, Performing Arts Medicine, Vocal health, Jazz, Publisher (iSing Magazine), Higher Education, RN

Robin DeHass

Country: Switzerland
City: Lausanne
Specialty Areas: Breathing Coordination, Vocal pedagogy, Classical, Piano

Brandon Brophy

Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Specialty Areas: Vocal pedagogy, Music Schools, Business Building, Author of The Singer’s Instinct

Steve Giles

Country: UK
City: Southampton
Specialty Areas: Vocal pedagogy, Choirs, Children, podcasting

Camiah Mingorance

Country: USA
City: Atlanta
Specialty Areas: Musical Theatre – training vocally and for auditions

Chris Johnson

Country: UK
City: London
Specialty Areas: Vocal technique, vocal science (formants and harmonics), function singing, podcasting