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Useful Resources for Singing Teachers


  • Fascinations With The Human Voice Ingo Titze (BAST Members check the Discount Goodies page for 20% off)
  • Great Singers On Great Singing Jerome Hines
  • How Popular Musicians Learn Lucy Green
  • Popular Singing A Practical Guide to: Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country and Gospel Donna Soto-Morettini
  • Practical Vocal Acoustics Kenneth W Bozeman
  • Resonance In Singing Donald Gray Miller
  • Secrets of Performing Confidence Andrew Evans and Adam Evans
  • Singing & Science Jean Callaghan
  • Singing and the Actor Gillyanne Kayes
  • Start With Why Simon Sinek
  • The Is A Voice Jeremy Fisher & Gillyanne Keys
  • The Performer’s Voice Meribeth Bunch Dayme
  • The Principals of Voice Production Ingo R Titze (BAST Members check the Discount Goodies page for 20% off)
  • The Singer’s Instinct Brandon Brophy
  • The Structure of Singing Richard Miller
  • The Teacher’s Ego, When singers become voice teachers. Lynn Eustis
  • The Voice Book Kate DeVore & Starr Cookman
  • The Voice Clinic Handbook Tom Harris, Sara Harris, John Rubin, David Howard
  • Vocal Health and Pedagogy V1 & 2 Edited by Robert Sataloff
  • Vocology Ingo R Titze & Katherine Verdolini Abbott  (BAST Members check the Discount Goodies page for 20% off)
  • Your Voice: An Inside View Multimedia Voice Science and Pedagogy Scott McCoy

    Other than the books which have individual links you should be able to find these resources on Amazon


Anatomia interactive functional anatomy resource Larynx

Anatomy & Physiology Online Swallowing video. home of voice scientist Dr Ingo Titze. Lots of voice science geekery here! An interactive site takes you through anatomy and physiology of the whole body including the respiratory system, which is where we hang out the most

TheAnatomyZone These guys are anatomy geeks! They take you through 3D models of the anatomical areas pointing out the structures involved and how they functions. Larynx: cartiliages, mucosamembranes and ligaments inc vocal folds, muscles Pt1,  muscles Pt2, muscle actions.  and ENT, medical and health sources


The Vibrating Larynx an in depth look into how we produce sound. This was made in 1960 so we’ve discovered more but it is still a great overview. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 and Part 4


TheAnatomyZone More from the anatomy geeks. Respiratory anatomy Part 1, Part 2 and Muscles. Lynn Martin and Robin De Haas carry on the work of Carl Stough who developed Breathing Coordination, a hands on therapy that improves the breathing process.


ORGANISATIONS Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing UK based organisation for singing teachers. AOTOS activities and services are open to members specialising in teaching any expression of song: from classical, through music theatre and folk, to jazz, rock and gospel, either privately or in school, college or conservatoire. UK’s professional association for musicians: performers, composers, teachers and more. Musicians Union (UK) membership covers you for public liability General music teacher registry based in UK USA and International organisation for singing teachers. Publishers of the Journal of Singing. Child Protection Awareness in Music: International singing teacher registry a global network of elite voice professionals, including singing teachers, vocal coaches, songwriters, producers, music industry professionals, speech and language practitioners, ENT’s and laryngologists. Their aim is to be at the forefront of vocal health, science and pedagogy in order to provide the best vocal training and 360 degree care for today’s contemporary vocalist.

TEACHING RESOURCES This fab company provide anatomy based software, active media, printed media, models and crystal art to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Run by NATS. This is an information database with information about singing and the science of voice for the teaching community around the world.

Health, Science And Other Such Vocal Geekery Performing Arts Medicine Association – health advice and support for performers – UK based association for people in the field of voice Understanding resonators through a duck call

How to Sing Bel Canto (With Marilyn Horne , Joan Sutherland, Luciano Pavarotti and Richard Bonynge): Part 1 & Part 2  This is where world famous world scientist, Dr Ingo Titze hangs out. Great voice science resources for the vocal geek in you. Also a very helpful list of medications and their affect on the voice resource HERE Pan American Vocology Association A podcast by vocal geeks Chris Johnson and Steve Giles. Interviews and reviews and lots of laughs. A unique method to rid your self of muscle tension around the larynx using a, yep, you guessed right, a vibrator. Trust us once you’ve gone there, you will never be the same again! Two very geeky singers and teachers with great resources Voice health educator Elissa Weinzimmer lost her voice and now helps others not to lose theirs by helping them understand and optimise their instrument. With Jeremy Fisher and Dr Gillyanne Kayes (author of The Singer And The Actor). Super resources and events for those serious about voice. Look for their larynx template – so you can make your own.



To help people sing in tune. Apple Store


A free piano app Apple Store


Digital metronome with lots of handy features. Apple Store

Amazing Slow Downer

To slow down a song without changing pitch. Great for learning riffs and fast melodies. Apple Store


Download sheetmusic from your MusicNotes account onto your devise. You can transpose, play, alter the speed, play one part only and print.  Apple Store