vocal distortion in singing

Vocal Distortion, what is it, how do you do it and is it safe?

  London based vocal coach, Nicole Gill, is currently researching into extreme vocal effects and distortion as part of her MA at Wales Trinity University. Her study is around the different types of vocal distortion and how to produce them with minimal effort. This knowledge has equipped her with the…

Recording vocals

Recording, Taking Your Vocals To The Next Level

  With session singer and vocal coach, Jono McNeil (The Voice, The Voice Kids) We’re in a time where high-end recording software and home studio set ups are more accessible and affordable than ever. Recording and releasing your own music has never been easier but why do so many vocal…

How to practice singing

Practice Strategies For Singers

iSing founder, vocal and performance coach, Line Hilton, goes in depth on practice strategies for singers. Line talks about the various ways you can practice, how, what and when and also explains a prcesss she gives her students so they can practice effectively. Read her full article in iSingmag Practice…

The Larynx and Vocal Style

The Larynx and Vocal Style

  Are you looking to pull more out of your voice and add a few more tools to your singing tool box? When we begin to explore using larynx position for stylistic purposes, it can open up a whole new world of fresh possibilities, coordination, sounds and colours in our…

Bridging The Gap

If you are experiencing a break in the middle of your range, you tend to shout as you get higher, your voice flips out of control or goes off pitch then you might want to tune in to this webinar. Line Hilton, and Ian Davidson, two very experienced singing teachers,…

Vocal Warm Ups

Warm Ups For Singing

Vocal nerds Chris Johnson & Steve Giles discuss the importance of warming up physically and vocally before singing. Read their full article in iSingmag Warming up for singing

Increasing Vocal Stamina

Increasing Vocal Stamina

Vocal nerds Chris Johnson and Steve Giles discuss how a singer can increase their vocal stamina. Read their full article in iSingmag Maximize your vocal stamina

The Passaggio

The Passaggio

  Vocal nerds, Chris Johnson and Steve Giles discuss that tricky place in our vocal range, the passaggio aka the break, transition etc. Read their full article in iSingmag The Passaggio

Belting, is it safe?

Belting, Is It Safe?

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Head voice Versus Falsetto

Head Voice Vs Falsetto Webinar

Vocal nerds Chris Johnson and Steve Giles discuss head voice versus falsetto. What are they? Is there a difference? How do you access them? Read their full article in iSingmag Head voice vs falsetto

The science behind singing

The Science Behind Singing

Yes, singing is an art, but as vocal nerds, Chris Johnson and Steve Giles discuss there is also some science behind it all. Read their full article in iSingmag Voice science can make your voice go BOOM!