Vocal Distortion, what is it, how do you do it and is it safe?


London based vocal coach, Nicole Gill, is currently researching into extreme vocal effects and distortion as part of her MA at Wales Trinity University. Her study is around the different types of vocal distortion and how to produce them with minimal effort. This knowledge has equipped her with the skills necessary to help singers and singing teachers better understand the physiological process of extreme effects and how to produce them.

This masterclass is ideal for singers and singing teachers who are interested in learning about how vocal distortion is produced. It will also benefit those who already produce vocal distortion to understand the physiological process of their chosen effect.

You will learn how vocal distortion is produced, the various types of distortions as well as gain advice in safe guarding yourself or other singers against vocal injury caused by extreme effects.

You will leave the class with a deeper insight into extreme vocal effects, including how they are produced and how to limit risks.

Website: nicolegillvocalcoach.com

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